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The Domusseeds is pleased to welcome you on its web page.

The domusseeds family was born from the collaboration of a group of Breeder enthusiasts to this beautiful plant and that for years has bred and worked Cannabis in various countries and for various purposes.

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We are fortunate enough to play for more than 20 years what is the most beautiful job in the world and this is one of the reasons why we give our best in what we do.

The passion we have for this plant and the attention to our customers we show it by breeding our genetics in controlled environments, so that we can reset the risks of aerial contamination and create for each variety a unique habitat. By associating then the best cultivation technique, we are sure to always receive the most from every single Strain.

Domusseedsalso proposes its feminized seeds all in F1 version, due to their proven performance compared to 2 ° and 3 ° generation seeds. The superior quality of an F1 seed can be seen mainly in the larger and more durable structure, but also and especially in the final harvest and perfumes.

Our commitment is to always offer natural seeds at 100%, of the best cannabis varieties known to us all for their unique properties.

Our seeds are of Spanish origin guaranteed and bred in a natural way, always using organic products at 100%. The germination rate is more than 96%.

For the packaging our staff provides manually the selection of the best seeds and always manually proceeds to the packaging, so that you can be sure to always propose a fresh and healthy product.

The family domusseeds also thanks for the interest shown to its products and wishes all readers a good navigation.

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